Trem-O-dapter Installation Instructions

Note that this adapter only works on common "floating" tremolo bridges that include a wall with saddle adjustment screws on the back. 


Determine which type of bridge you have

Vintage bridges generally come in two sizes, 2 1/16" or 2 3/16".  To determine your bridge size, simply measure from the center of the outside two screws.

Some bridges may have a longer wall on one side than shown. The Trem-O-dapter is designed to fit over both short or long bridge walls.

2 1/16" = Standard Trem-O-dapter

2 3/16" = Trem-O-dapter Classic

To install:

Simply slip the Trem-O-dapter over the back of bridge, and tighten the two screws firmly with the included hex wrench. 

(You may need to adjust the saddle screws slightly to accommodate the adapter)

Important Note

The Trem-O-dapter may put two very small marks on the bridge, so if this is a concern, do not install. 

The Trem-O-dapter has been tested on the most popular vintage style bridges, however there are many bridge manufacturers and we cannot guarantee that it will work for all bridges.  Of course if it does not fit your particular bridge, simply return it for a full refund.