Palm-O-Low FAQ

My current arm works fine, why do I need the Palm-O-Low?
The Palm-O-Low does everything your current arm does and more!  With the Palm-O-Low, you can now rotate the arm over the strings, unlocking amazing new ways to use tremolo in your playing.

Will a Palm-O-Low equipped guitar fit in a hard case?

Yes, just spin it around!


Here is a video showing a hollow body guitar with a Palm-O-Low fitting into a tight case.     Video

Is the Palm-O-Low difficult to install?

No!  It installs easily in under five minutes with just one bolt to remove.   Just take a look at the Installation section of this website for more information.  Install

Can I still use the Palm-O-Low like a normal tremolo arm?

Of course!  Simply push it down and use it like the old arm.

Is the Palm-O-Low available in retail stores?

At the moment they are only available via our website. 

Will the Palm-O-Low work on other bridge systems?

The Palm-O-Low should fit on any bridge mount that can already use the B-style tremolo arm, and on Vintage Style bridges using our Trem-O-dapter.  

Is there a left-handed version?

Yes!  We offer a custom version for left-handed players.    Lefty Palm-O-Low

Is there a way to try the  Palm-O-Low before I purchase one?

Check our Facebook page to see if we happen to have any upcoming shows in your area.  We will have demo guitars available to try out the Palm-O-Low for yourself.

Trem-O-dapter FAQ

Is the Trem-O-dapter difficult to install?

No!  It installs easily in just minutes. Take a look at the Installation section of this website for more information. Install

Is there a left-handed version?

Currently we only have Trem-O-dapter's for right handed bridges, however we are evaluating demand for a left-handed version and hope to produce some in the near future.  If you are a left-handed player interested in the Trem-O-dapter, please send us a note letting us know!

Is the Trem-O-dapter available in retail stores?

At the moment it is only available via our website.